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A rustic wedding got its beauty; they could be posh as per your liking. Beautiful decor, a lot of string lights around, fresh air, and that classic smell of wood. A combination of this makes a wooden based wedding theme extremely popular.When you are beginning a new chapter of life with your soul mate, capturing the elements of ‚being at home ‚makes your wedding a memorable moment for your better half. Soothing neutral tones, sturdy wood, relaxed atmosphere, a connection to nature; all these factors, when combined, defines your elegant persona and classic liking of a rustic wedding. After consulting with the top experts, we have scoured the world of wooden wedding decor to provide you the premium quality adornments that enable you to achieve a completely fresh look and stays true to you. If you opt for something on the line of a bit laid back after pulling out all the stops, then definitely check out our hand-picked collection of the perfect rustic wedding theme products that won’t give you a feeling of ’so been there‘ or seen that.

Allow us to make your nuptial a completely original, casual, and cozy. A wood themed wedding has an innately comforting appeal, just like being a cozy feeling when you return home. Check out our guide of wooden wedding decoration ideas for more inspiration.

Wedding Signage

Shabby chic and appeal are extremely popular nowadays. Reclaimed wood, like classic shipping pallets, is one of the vital parts of rustic nuptial themes. Nowadays you can notice these pallets in most of the popular stores. How can you get the best out of them? We can use them for a wedding sign, ceremony backdrop, or tables for drinks and foods. But before we proceed, kindly refrain from using grimy, dark, old, or oily pallets and do sand them down to stay safe from splinters. If you are looking for vintage creativity blending with the rustic idea, then a pallet nupital sign with vintage tags and keys might be perfect for you. If you are into something with signs or quotes with letters, then a pallet wedding sign with letters and hearts can be the right choice.

wedding decoration wood signage
wedding photo box


These wedding boxes will give you that will give your better half and guests that extra special feeling way past their time with you; after all, it is all about a memorable experience.

There cannot be a better way to show gratitude than to give them a pleasant surprise with a set of prints in a premium keepsake box that they can proudly pass down to future generations. You will not just end up displaying your appreciation but show how vital and unique

it is that you printed photos instead of letting them sit on a computer hard drive. A perfect blend of sleek modern design with timeless and classic vibes.

Wedding Furniture

Pallets for your wedding furniture; low picnic tables for your beach wedding or lounge furniture; just add cushions, upholstery, and pillow to pallets. You can also go for a sweet table of pallets or a drink station or compose it of glass tabletop and pallets. A wedding dessert table just made of pallets with a glass tabletop with blooms is a cute and fun idea with that classic rustic feel. Forget the usual wedding cake or traditional dessert bar and go for an exclusive pie table instead. Rich, classic wooden lanterns do exhibit tons of rustic charm and can be quite versatile. You can also light up some dark areas to brighten them up with fresh flowers. A rustic wooden pallet, a non-conventional wedding drink bar, also can be acquired easily, which looks cute and simple. You can also get them painted or stain the bar. You can also top it with a large slate luggage tags that can be written on in chalk. We recommend using them as unique table numbers or signs.

wooden decoration wedding furniture

Wooden Guest Book

This natural style of the wooden guestbook is elegant and perfect for having a country-style or rustic wedding. Instead of a regular paper card cover, go for a wooden one with added details of tied twines around the front and hanging wooden beads. This wooden guestbook with plain white pages inside will motivate your guests to leave the messages of their memorable experience.

wedding guestbook wood
Wedding - save the date

Wooden save the date cards

These rustic save the date cards and envelop compliments your wedding theme perfectly, especially when you reveal your exciting plans with your family and friends with a personal touch. We just need your wording, and then our experienced team prepares each saves the date card from natural woods with personal engraving finished with the magnet(or without magnet as per your liking) on the back.


The idea of collecting your wedding gift-cards or letters in your German style mailbox is something your better half will admire. The vintage style wooden mailbox looks fabulous on a stack of wooden crates, an oak barrel, or on your wedding present table surrounded by flowers in jam jars or glass bottles. Your wedding guests will look forward to filling the wooden mailbox with their letters and cards.

briefbox hochzeit
briefbox hochzeit hinten

Do let us know about what you think about this guide or if we have missed something. 

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